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Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Adventure golf Woferlgut

Distance: Ca. 6,7 km, 13 min
GPS: N47.28299, E12.816643
Open: Eastern till November, 10-20h

Swing the bat! On the small golf course in sports Woferlgut. Here wait waterfalls, streams, bridges, bunkers, cliffs and slopes on golf professionals and amateurs. The great thing about golf is that you can play outdoors while enjoying the amazing nature. The investment in sport Woferlgut thrilled with 2 levels of difficulty. The individually designed sheets of artificial grass reveal similarity to real golf greens. Adventure Golf is the "big" golf the next.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: fun for the whole family

Highlights: great staged small golf course for young and old

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6545 73 03

Tale- and candle world in Bruck

Distance: Ca. 7,9 km, 9 min
GPS: N47.284411,E12.823441
Open: Mo-Fr 9-18h, Sat 9-12h

Here 10,000 handmade candles products are displayed and sold. Besides, in a unique wax museum wax figures are shown in their original size. Known as Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, Hänsel and Gretel, Puss in Boots, the frog prince and more. Be addressed

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: Fairytale experience first hand

Highlights: giant candle selection

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6545 222 22


Distance: Ca. 12,6 km, 14 min
GPS: N47.272241, E12.822704
Open: April-October, Tue-Sun from 10-18h

Experience in Fusch on the Glocknerstrasse the wood crafts through the ages. On two floors in the newly adapted, old Sägegebäude learn more about the development of the cutting technique. After that you can try out in the Holzknechtstube various board games over coffee and cake.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: exciting knowledge, such as wood from seed to noble product produced

Highlights: funny bowling match in the wooden bowling, Sawmill

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6546 217

Wild- und leisure park Ferleiten

Distance: Ca. 22 km, 25 min
GPS: N47.228895, E12.815094
Open: beginning may to october, from 8-22h

The amusement park right on the Glockner Road. Hike comfortably. The wild park and watch the local wildlife here and highly capital wild species The National Park Pavilion "Life Under Water" immerses you in the lives of Urforelle & Co. Afterwards you can relax on the sun terrace of the rustic alpine wildlife park.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: free play and fun in leisure park on 20.000m²

Highlights: free adventure playground, free entrance to Deer Park, life under water, 250 highly interesting wildlife

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6546 220

Großglockner High Alpine road

Distance: Ca. 25 km, 25 min to toll station Ferleiten
GPS: N47.123644, E12.826138
Open: from Mai till November 6-20h

The most famous alpine road leads to the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner (3,798 m) and its glacier, the Pasterze. 48km high alpine road with 36 bends allow altitude ascent to 2.504m. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is one good reason the most fascinating scenic roads of Europe. Changing exhibits, themed trails, children's playgrounds and a grand view for an unforgettable day.

Highlights: Glacier Pasterze Hochalpenstraße, dream road for motorcycles and cyclists

Contact:, Tel.: +43/662 873 673 0


Distance: Ca. 12,4 km, 13 min
GPS: N47.281587, E12.647966
Open: ask your hosts

The museum deals with man and horse in the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: instructive and worth seeing

Highlights: Experiments, videos, dialect

Contact:, +43/664 544 11 00

Weißsee Glacier World

Distance: Ca. 35 km, 40 min
GPS: N 47.172445, E12.624464
Open: daily 9.30-17h

Take the cable car to the best entry in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The high alpine holiday world is perfect for unforgettable hikes, crossing the Alps and walks. There are also a variety of climbing for beginners and advanced. If you feel like a road trip or bike ride can follow the scenic road to Enzingerboden (1480m).

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: an experience for the whole family

Highlights: amazing panoramic view (17 peaks over 3000m), climbing, hiking, mountain hotel Rudolfshütte large indoor climbing area

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6563 20 15 00

Nationalpark Worlds High Tauern

Distance: Ca. 25 km, 26 min
GPS: N 47.28412, E12.476978
Open: daily 9-18h

Experience eight fascinating natural areas in the interactive exhibition in Mittersill as a mirror image of the interesting facts Hohe Tauern National Park. Immerse yourself in this nature with all your senses.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: exciting, modern museum experience

Highlights: Eagle Scenic flight, Marmot & Co, Mountain Forest Gallery, 3D cinema, Avalanche Dome

Contact:, +43/6562 40 939

Museum Bramberg

Distance: Ca. 37 km, 8 min
GPS: N47.271717, E12.338662
Open: ask your hostsr

Large farmhouse from the 14th Century, one of the largest mineral exhibition in Salzburg, crafts, beekeeping, customs and religious art.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: Bee exhibition, emeralds & Crystals

Highlights: Minerals, bees, people and culture

Contact:, +43/6566 76 78

Emeraldway Habachtal

Distance: Ca. 35 km, 40 min
GPS: N47.225281, E12.340364
Open: Summer

The Emerald Trail offers hikers scenic enjoyment and information on minerals and geology of Habachtales.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: Hiking and knowledge


Watch mine Hochfeld

Distance: Ca. 46 km, 50 min
GPS: N 47.222425, E12.274203
Open: daily Juni-Oct, Guided 11h and 14h

Neukirchen am Großvenediger is an original mine is dominated by the hard working conditions of a 500-year mining history.

Highlights: Gorge waterfall, tree species in the mountain forest, rock composition

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6562 409 39

Krimml Wasserfalls

Distance: Ca. 52 km, 50 min
GPS: N47.221434,E12.169304
Open: daily, from Mai-Oct

Highest waterfalls in Europe. The Krimml Waterfalls with its impressive height of 380 m, the fifth highest waterfalls in the world. Experience the refreshing drizzle and the impressive power of the water surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: great spectacle of nature, well-developed road

Highlights: fifth highest waterfall in the world, head 380m

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6564/72 12

Magical water world

Distance: Ca. 52 km, 50 min
GPS: N47.216245, E12.170606
Open: daily Mai-Oct

Water as a miracle elixir. Great modern museum with a cinema, water park, etc.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: educational experience on the subject of water

Highlights: House of water, water-theme park, multi-vision cinema, Waterfall House

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6564 20 113

Planetarium and observatory

Distance: Ca. 57 km, 60 min
GPS: N47.263854, E12.126045
Open: ask your hosts

The privately run planetarium shows to give you some idea constellations based on the current night sky. Following the evening planetarium guide, there is an observation with telescopes.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: Meet the stars and planets.

Highlights: highest observatory in Europe, to see more than 7,000 stars

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6564 200 14


Distance: Ca. 24 km, 25 min
GPS: N47.291514, E12.975268
Open: Mai-Oct, 8-18h

The Rauriser Creek has washed here in millennia of work their way in the form of a bizarre gorge in the rocks. Visit the unique spectacle of nature with numerous idyllic beaches, the impressive Hermitage and go down in the past.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: great spectacle, new climbing

Highlights: fantastic views of the rushing water, 2 hours walking time

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6543 52 19


Distance: Ca. 32 km, 34 min
GPS: N47.227263, E12.994223
Open: daily 9.30-17h, Juni-Oct

Panning for gold, gold panning courses, vultures watching, hiking tour and experiences at the Goldberg Group

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: funny gold panning with pan and shovel

Highlights: King of the Air, the same bird of prey waiting beside

Contact:, Tel.: +43/6544 70 52

House king of the air

Distance: Ca. 32 km, 34 min
GPS: N47.227219, E12.992823
Open: daily, 10-18h, Mai-Oct

Golden eagles, vultures and vulture are the great kings of the air in the Hohe Tauern.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: the sizes of birds in the Alps, integrated cinema

Highlights: close to gold panning and raptors waiting


Bird of pray observation point Rauris

Distance: Ca. 32 km, 34 min
GPS: N47.226913, E12.991476
Open: daily, Mai-Sept

Explore and discover the world of falconry at eye level. Experience the impressive flight demonstration with sailors, hawks and large owls.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: Enjoy the view over the birds of prey

Highlights: close to gold panning and house kings of the air