Appartements in Kaprun - Haus Katharina | Summer holidayAppartements in Kaprun - Haus Katharina | Summer holidayAppartements in Kaprun - Haus Katharina | Summer holiday
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Experience castle Klammstein

Distance: Ca. 33 km, 32 min
GPS: N47.279622, E13.076817
Open: daily, 11-18h, Mo day off

Entrance to the Gastein Valley, 60 meters above the access road on Klammstein is the dream castle, historical exhibitions, museum.

Highlights: daily castle-guide, knight dinner, castle bar


„Scary“ Church

Distance: Ca. 35 km, 34 min
GPS: N47.266766, E13.08383
Open: daily, April-September 10, 12, 14, 15h, Mo u Sa day off

Meaning "eerie cave," she is one of the oldest and largest natural caves in Salzburg and is considered a "place of power". Not only the size of all the halls, which can be the visit to this cave to an experience you might encounter in a wonderful stalactites and limestone formations.

Highlights: Cave guide, „place and power“, dogs verbidden



Distance: Ca. 43 km, 46 min
GPS: N47.314621, E13.189244
Open: daily, Mai-Sept, 8-18h

Not only the most beautiful but also one of the longest and deepest gorges in the Alps Whitewater, safe bridges and footbridges. At the end of the gorge is a beautiful waterfall that is worth a visit.


Castle Hohenwerfen

Distance: Ca. 62 km, 57 min
GPS: N47.483569, E13.187878
Open: daily, Mai-Sept, 9-17h

By panoramic lift takes you to the upper courtyard. There you can an adventurous tour of the castle (castle chapel, dungeon, weapons shop and bell tower with bronze bell) or the musical illuminated exhibition visit the castle-building history. The historic Falconry daily leads to a bird of prey show, which takes you on a subsequent visit to the falconry museum.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: bird of prey view, -nature trail


Giant ice-world

Distance: Ca. 62 km, 57 min
GPS: N47.483598, E13.187964
Open: daily, Mai-Oct, 9-16h

Largest ice cave in the world, 40 km cave system, various ice formations, distance of 1 km, with stairways, visit: 1 h 15 min.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: take warm cloths, gigantic ice cave

Highlights: Ice sculptures, guides