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salzburg city

Salzburg Barockmuseum (in Salzburg Museum)

Distance: Ca. 100 km, 80 min
GPS: N47.820532, E13.051529
Open: daily, Tue-Sun, 9-17h

The Salzburg Museum in the beautifully renovated new residence on Mozart Square form valuable art objects, aesthetic presentation, interesting content and multimedia installations in a harmonious whole. The Salzburg Museum is the proof that a modern museum and informative at the same time can be entertaining.

Highlights: this is now in Salzburg museum


House of Nature

Distance: Ca. 110 km, 84 min
GPS: N47.801769, E13.03879
Open: daily 9-17h

Museum of Nature and Technology! From prehistory to the future, travel into the human body, adventure, nature, technology for loading gripping.

Katharinas Famiy-Tipp: great visual experience multi Museum

Highlights: Aquarium, Reptiles zoo, exhibitions, research



Distance: Ca. 110 km, 84 min
GPS: N47.80097, E13.039718
Open: daily, 8-19h

Made famous by The Sound of Music, home movies and the TV series "Dallas", ... but the monk mountain offers more: The Mönchsbergaufzug is a Salzburg institution. In just 30 seconds to get on the popular mountain town. Enchant you with its unique view over the rooftops of Salzburg. And the Museum of Modern Art, the restaurant m32, the Salzburg Museum of Underwater Archaeology and the many walks in the nature reserve.

Highlights: view, panorama breakfest


Museum der Moderne Mönchsberg

Anfahrt: Ca. 111 km, 85 min
GPS: N47.820532, E13.035049
Offen: Di-So 10-18h

Moderne Kunst in einem zeitgenössischen Rahmen. Der Innenraum bietet auf einer großzügig gegliederten Fläche von 2300 m² beste Bedingungen für Ausstellungen der Kunst des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts mit ihren unterschiedlichen Anforderungen.


Museum of modern „Rupertinum”

Distance: Ca. 114 km, 86 min
GPS: N47.825142, E13.046036
Open: Tue-Sun, 10-18h

A Baroque house for new artistic concepts. The premises of the Rupertinum been over the years, but especially in 1999, adapted to international standards and accordingly allow mainly with regard to graphics and photography excellent conditions.


Mozart´s birthing house

Distance: Ca. 102 km, 84 min
GPS: N47.800674, E13.043468
Open: daily, 9-17.30h

The house where the Mozart 27th January 1756 was born, is now one of the most visited museums in the world. Nowhere man, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music are so evident as alive in his birthplace.


Mozarts Wohnhaus

Distance: Ca. 103 km, 84 min
GPS: N47.803268, E13.043854
Open: daily, 9-17.30h

Special exhibitions, concerts and lectures will take place today in the Mozart House, Mozart original fortepiano.


Residence Salzburg

Distance: Ca. 112 km, 82 min
GPS: N47.81961, E13.047409
Open: daily 10-17h

Tour of the state rooms with personal audio guide.


Salzburg Museum

Distance: Ca. 101 km, 82 min
GPS: N47.79906, E13.048146
Open: Tue-Sun, 9-17h

Valuable art objects, aesthetic presentation, interesting content and multimedia installations.


Cathedral of Salzburg

Distance: Ca. 111 km, 82 min
GPS: N47.823298, E13.047409
Open: daily, 8-19h

Baroque, length 101 m, valuable instruments sound of Mary and Virgil Bell.


Castle Highsalzburg

Distance: Ca. 112 km, 87 min
GPS: N47.7956, E13.047502
Open: daily 9-18h

The landmark of Salzburg can be reached by funicular or on the steep footpath. The medieval castle and fortress of modern architectural history with 900 years offers great views in all directions of the city and the province of Salzburg. Visit the Puppet Museum, Rainer Regiment Museum and Castle Museum with the famous fortress room.

Highlights: audio-guide, Guides in interiors, royal apartments, museums, multimedia show


Stiegl Brewingworld

Distance: Ca. 108 km, 79 min
GPS: N47.815921, E13.021317
Open: daily 10-17h

Learn all about beer, brewing and history in Europe's biggest beer-world experience.

Highlights: At a decent brewery visit of course includes a tasting of specialties Stiegl